Ahlsell AB

Ahlsell is the leading technical trading in the Nordic countries in installation products, tools and machinery. Ahlsell
professionals a wide range of goods and services in the product areas of plumbing, electrical, tools and machinery, refrigeration and DIY ("do-it-yourself").

Thore representing Pronus was responsible for the transition project. The project included project managers from Logica for communication and server management.

The purpose of the project was to deliver a complete IT delivery according to the new agreement. The new agreement included more services than the previous contract.

Overall parts that were included in the project.
* Establish
- Forms of collaboration
- Failure to plan & disaster planning
- Operating portal
- Redundant task
- Routines for performance monitoring
- Routines for entitlement management

Services that have been set:
Communication - IPS / IDS
Communication - spam filters
Server operations - AntiVirus

Project budget 2 500 000 SEK

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