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The company provides services in application management, business consulting, infrastructure services, infrastructure management and systems integration.

Decommission Data Centre

Primus Data Centre were a datacenter inherited through acquisitions. The hall was about 1000 square meters and was built sometime in the 70s. Phasing out a hall that has been in operation for so many years and been owned by several companies is both complex and risky as some of the equipment and documentation is not possible to procure.

This project is a result of a decision taken to decommission Data Centre in Stockholm. Aim is to escalate and finalize the work to close down the Data Centre. Include in this project is to coordinate and secure that customer and services will be moved to Logicas other Main Data Centres or will be terminated and returned to customer or Logicas subcontractors.

Objectives: Decommission the Data Centre as soon as possible to decrease unnecessary cost

Thore was the Principal Project Manager for this project. The project calculated duration is 1.5 year.
The project consists of 5 subprojects. The project has a lot of dependencies to other activates within Logica which makes it complicated to deliver.

Project budget 1 000 000€

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